7 things you didn’t know about hickeys

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A Hickey or a love bite is a form of internal bleeding that is caused by excessive sucking or biting of sensitive spots in the body such as inner thighs or the neck. They are bruises that you give or get while you are making love with your partner.

When a person gives a hard love bite to you, tiny blood vessels called the capillaries that are present beneath the surface of your skin break and leaves a bruise on your body.

Hickeys might seem romantic for a moment, but they can give you some serious sex injuries that you have never even thought of.

Here are some lesser known facts about hickeys that you should know about. Scroll down to read:

Hickeys are bruises

Hickeys are nothing but bruises caused by biting, sucking or kissing of soft skin. Whenever something hard hits your skin, the capillaries right below the surface of your skin break down and leave a bruise. This is why when someone sucks your skin hard, your veins rupture and the blood leaks out and can be seen under the skin as a bruise. So, the harder the suction on your skin, the worse the mark is.


People with Iron deficiency get love bites easily

People who don’t include enough iron in their diets are likely to bruise easily. So if you are thinking why you always end up getting a lot of hickeys after each sex session with your partner, it is because your body is iron deficient. Start eating red meat or leafy and green vegetables that are rich in iron so that you don’t bruise very easily.


No cure for hickeys

While you might find a number of supposed cures for hickeys when you begin to search, but there is hardly any that is effective. This is because the damage is internal. No matter how many times you use an ice pack or apply toothpaste to the affected area, it is not going to cure your hickey. This will only reduce the inflammation, swelling or redness.


Hickeys can cause oral herpes

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. Oral herpes is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus that can further cause painful blisters on your lips, gums, tongue and mouth. So, if ever you plan to have sexual intercourse with someone who has oral herpes, and they get too excited and give you a hickey on your neck, there are chances that you might get the herpes virus from their mouth into your blood stream through the breakage in your skin.


Hickeys can cause severe sex injuries

Believe it or not, hickeys are dangerous and can cause you serious injuries. It might seem romantic to get a hickey from your loved one, but this mild form of internal bleeding can cause severe damage to your blood vessels. It not only has the potential to cause heart attacks but also some serious medical problems such as paralysis. The most common body parts where hickeys are found are necks, collarbones and inner thighs. All of these parts are considered as sensitive spots because there are a lot of nerve endings near the surface of the skin of these parts. And a hickey can easily damage the skin in these areas, further affecting your nervous system.


Hickeys can leave a permanent scar

People have a misconception that a hickey tends to fade after some time. While a hickey can last for weeks for some, it can last for months and years for others. Also, if you have a fairer skin, a hickey will be more noticeable on your skin. Sometimes hickeys can leave a permanent scar too. And to ensure that it doesn’t become a permanent mark on your body, the least you can do is avoid picking at it constantly.


Hickeys can also cause strokes

Yes, you read that right. The perfect example of this is a New Zealand woman who suffered a stroke after her partner gave her a nice hickey. Her partner’s suck was so deep that it damaged a major artery and created a nasty blood clot in her neck. This further caused a minor stroke and loss of movement in her left arm. Though it is very rare but it can happen to you as well.