Man gets roasted on Twitter after body shaming a plus-size model

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A guy named Leyton Mokgerepi from South Africa’s Midrand tried to body shame a plus-size model, Lesego Leogbane and what happened after that is epic.

Leyton created a versus meme in which he compared the plus-size model to a thinner swimwear model named Joëlle Kayembe and uploaded it on his Twitter handle with a caption that read “girls I like Vs. girls that like me.”

Here’s his tweet:
(Leyton’s tweet)

After a couple of hours, Lesego saw his tweet and gave a befitting reply to the hater. She wrote, “I don’t like you!”
(Model’s tweet)

That’s the most apt reply for a creep like him.

But that wasn’t it. He further got roasted by folks on twitter who took it to their respective accounts to troll him.
Check out their tweets here:


Lesego’s tweet got as many as 887,000 likes and 280,000 retweets.
Apart from all other twitter users, celebrities like Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj also supported her by liking her tweet.

Just when we thought that this was all about the body-shaming episode, Joëlle Kayembe also joined in. She too trolled Leyton by tweeting, “As if the world needed another example of an obnoxious @$$.”
See her tweet:

Leyton couldn’t do much after being badly trolled and chose to cover up all the damage by another tweet that was captioned as “Girlfriend Goals”