Bigg Boss 11: Meet ‘Anaarkali of Haryana’ aka Sapna Chaudhary and her shocking controversies!

Bigg Boss 11: Meet ‘Anaarkali of Haryana’ aka Sapna Chaudhary and her shocking controversies!

In the past years, Bigg Boss has certainly come a very long way! With every season, the makers’ smart strategies to keep hold of viewers’ attention have made the show bigger and more popular than ever. And the latest installment of Bigg Boss, India’s most controversial reality show, too has a spicy mix of all mandatory ingredients to make it a ‘SUPER HIT’.

Just like last season, Salman Khan hosted the grand premier night and kick-started the journey of celebrities and commoners in the Bigg Boss house. But mind you, one of the commoners among them is not common at all. We are talking about Sapna Chaudhry, who entered the house as a commoner.

You will be shocked to know that Sapna Chaudhary not even close to being an ordinary girl but relishes a superstar status in Haryana. Her popularity in Northern India is as wide as that of a television actress. Don’t believe us? Have a look at her videos on YouTube which garner millions of views.


Here’s everything you need to about the stunning diva Sapna Chaudhary who also happens to be an iconic idol of confidence.

– Sapna hails from Haryana and is a stage performer who entertains people with her bold dance moves on peppy Haryanvi songs.

– Unlike Bollywood performers, Sapna Chaudhary doesn’t require dazzling attires or background dancers to make her act a hit. Her talent and confidence speak louder and enthralling dance moves do the trick.

– She was born on December 25, 1990. She lost her father when she was just 12 years old and took up dancing as her career to support her family.

– Not just in Haryana, Chaudhary relishes humongous popularity in UP, Rajasthan and Punjab too.

– She became an online sensation when her dance videos went viral across social media platforms.

– In a shocking incident, the diva almost took her life after being heavily shamed on social media. She attempted suicide by consuming poison. However, things have changed now and the famous dancer-singer is walking the ladder of success with her head held high.

– Many people tag her as a vulgar dancer but she refuses to accept this label. In a teaser video released by Colors channel, Sapna said, “if her dance is considered vulgar, then so must be of all the other Bollywood beauties.”
Sapna’s undying spirit is undeniably commendable!

However, we also sense that she is gonna be one of the key highlights of Bigg Boss season 11. We hope her stay in Bigg Boss house is as entertaining as her dance acts! 😉

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