Sorry, You’re Not My Type (Published in: 2014, Publisher: Random House India) is a novel by bestselling author Sudeep Nagarkar. Vikrant is retelling the story of his life to Aditya and Sakshi. The beginning is not convincing and rather abrupt. Whatsapp Messenger, Hauz Khas village, beer, vodka, pizza, college band are some of the countless things mentioned in the book to remind you of your college days. Intially we dismiss Sanya as a minor character and the violent end of her relationship with Anurag as foreshadowing the upshot of Anamika-Anurag liaison. Ironically or comically Sanya was Vikrant’s metro girl which he came to know much later in the story. The love making scenes between Kashish and Yuvi ooze passion and will titillate you. The romantic moments are vividly described and will evoke memories of your own amorous encounters. Shifts in time and place are frequent. Expectations are the root of all unhappiness. This statement is best proved by Vikrant -Sanya, Anurag-Anamika love affair and consequences of their differing conjectures. Anurag wanted to harm Anamika and teach her a lesson; he plotted to make her band lose the inter-college competition. Anurag behaved as psycho over possessive or dejected lover  we all hear about and see in TV shows like Gumrah and Savdhan India. The couplets and quatrains which are a frequent part of the narrative are unimpressive and unappealing. A very common situation of' you love those you hurt you and hurt those who love you' is used in case of Sanya and Vikrant. At Mia Bella, Aditya, author’s mouth piece gives commentary on the incidents. The story catches pace with Anamika’s disappearance. We anticipate Anurag to be behind Anamika’s evanesce but we are disgusted to know that it was Yuvi, who had also sexually assaulted her. Anamika loved Yuvi and didn’t tell the police that he had raped her; it shows her strength of character.

 Anurag and Yuvi turned out to be exactly opposite to our perception. Anamika’s story gives us inspiration that how well she had coped with the situation in which not only her clothes but even her soul was torn apart. Anurag came full circle from a guy who wanted vengeance to giving Anamika a reason to live again. His love and care manifests that a girl who has been raped is not a pariah and deserves a life of respect. Anurag’s sudden change from the villain to the hero isn’t convincing. It is not feasible for a heartless playboy to change because of rejection the trip which had been planned to reunite Yuvi and Anamika together drifted them apart forever. The trio’s story is thrilling but the chapters about Mia Bella are gratuitous and boring. The ending is a bit weak, Anurag becomes the reason for Anamika to survive but why does a girl require a boy’s support to exist? Aren’t her parents or her studies or her career goals enough motivation to breathe? The cessation would have been better if Anamika had told the cops about Yuvi’s horrible crime; she should have raised her voice against her rapist and become an inspiration for many other victims. The writers should keep in mind the impact their books will make on the reader’s mind. In a way through Anamika’s silence Sudeep is endorsing the idea of saving criminals if they are in your intimate circle. This act of women to protect men who prowl encourages them and increases the plight of women.

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