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“Ask the audience what they think of Rahul Gandhi ?” quipped Shaina NC of  BJP.  Milind Deora, Congress representative was quick to retort,  “You must ask the audience what they think of Modi’s 15 months instead?”
No, this exchange did not take place at the monsoon session, that’s too much dialogue for two adversary party members to have at the parliament. This repartee ensued at the book launch of Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Making India Awesome’.
Getting the bull headed rivals to sit down and talk sense at his book launch was a significant achievement. Bhagat managed to do at his book launch, what the Speaker of Lok Sabha couldn’t.
Bhagat did not want to follow status quo with the launch of his non-fiction book ‘Making India Awesome’.“I didn’t want this to be like just another book launch where I read out excerpts from the book…” Instead, he moderated a panel discussion comprising eloquent personalities from across politics. Just like he proposed in the book, he wanted to start a dialogue amongst the various party members and ascertain ways in which we could make India awesome.
The eminent panel included Milind Deora (former Union Minister), Shaina NC (Spokesperson of the BJP and BJP Maharashtra Treasurer) and Baijayant Jai Panda (Member of Lok Sabha, Kendrapara district), a trinity that exemplifies the smart and progressive leadership of the country.
The discussion, which centred on the polarisation of the country, took many interesting turns. Even though there was the expected face off between the two party representatives, it was rather a banter that was much enjoyed by the audience than the usual impasse, which would result in the house being adjourned.
The audience was rather politicised and aggressive in their questions to the panel, some even out rightly accusing the ruling party of embezzlement and mismanagement of funds during elections. But the panel kept their calm and answered the queries with ease. 
The book launch was a rather refreshing affair. The hall was filled with a young crowd that was responsive and interactive towards the panel. Unlike the usual book launches that go on for hours with extreme intellectual deliberations and no actual outcome, this launch was crisp and spoke about the need for the youth of the country to actively participate in the progress of the nation.
‘Making India Awesome’ is a conglomeration of various articles and essays written by the author over the years. It is a promising and comprehensive read which gives a simplistic perspective to complicated problems. Even though Bhagat has written a non-fiction book before, the thorough nature of this book announces the ultimate arrival of Chetan Bhagat in the world of non-fiction writing. Come back soon for an exclusive interview of the author, Chetan Bhagat.

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