The throbbing garden hose

Is love complete without lust

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Every evening they fell passionately into each other's arms after they returned from work. Saloni returned from school at around three while Atul a credit appraisal officer at the nearby branch of the State Bank of India returned usually at five. Then they had a leisurely cup of tea and  played badminton in the evening for nearly an hour on the front lawns. After the game as the shadows lengthened and they strolled hand in hand in the garden and watered the plants. As Saloni bent down to pick up the dried leaves she allowed her big bouncy breasts that had strained against the white top while playing badminton, break free. Free from the bondage of the soldier buttons.  Atul always insisted it was unfair for her to entice him while playing badminton. "It is too distracting" he said. They had agreed that she would keep her boobs buttoned and wear shorts and not skirt without panties. " The real playtime would begin after the game or else they would not get their necessary daily dose of physical exercise, but end up in bed straightaway" he said.
Funny rule thought Saloni, who was itching to get her hands on him all afternoon. Nonetheless she knew that Atul was a stickler for rules, so it was no use cheating. Every time when she did open the top buttons to let in some breeze he walked over across the court and kissed her. Then with a mischievous smile in his eyes he would lovingly button her shirt back. Today was no different. "Darling no cheating , it's just another thirty minutes and after that I will help you unshackle those jumbo pears - OK. Can we keep them behind the soldiers now? " he said.  Saloni sighed, wished that he would just rip off her top, and crush those yearning boobs right on court. That she knew would never happen, with the double stories all around getting a birds eye view of their lawn. The Mehtas, the Bannerjees, the Guptas from their balconies, were witness to everything that happened out of doors.

Atul picked up the thick green hose pipe to water the gardens. The water pressure was high and the thick wavering and vibrating serpentine hose throbbing in his hands looked pretty erotic. It was in full flow. gushing spray, and reminded Saloni of the night before. She suddenly turned and stepped into it taking the burst in her crotch before Atul could move it away. "Sorry" cried Atul not knowing that she had done it intentionally. He put the hose down and gently pulled out a handkerchief that was unequal to the task. Her white shorts were dripping and the red lacy panties beneath was simply blaring "take me."  Wet and wanting Saloni draped her hands and entwined against him, just like the giant monasteria on the Harsingar tree at the edge of the garden. She wanted him to kiss her and undress her. Rip out her inners and shove his pulsating hose into her roughly. Then shower himself on her just like the white flowery droplets of Harsingar that sprayed themselves on the deep green monster leaves.

That did not happen. Atul would never think of outdoor sex. Saloni knew that. Still she could not resist the temptation. She just wanted to take him out in her hands and take it into her, right there and then. Her fingers dug into his body, her hovering hands on his shorts. Atul brushed aside the thought. Instead he picked her up and took her indoors. It was good to be loved anyway and Saloni pressed her breast against his chest and squeezed and clung to him, like a kitten. It was so cosy in his arms, that she wished he carried her more often. The raw urge disappeared and a sublime feeling of being loved and wanted engulfed her. In his arms warm and secure, Saloni felt she was the luckiest person alive. He wanted him to carry her in his brown arms for hours and just snuggle in his chest. continued...

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