To you, to life, to love - Joe Dassin

Is love complete without lust

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Unfortunately the journey in his arms was short and he put her down near the bathroom door. She clung to him as he kissed her gently and tried to pull him in, unsuccessfully. Atul laughed lightly, but stepped back. Saloni quickly changed tactics. Ripped open her shorts before he could turn away and beckoned him nude and inviting.  " Honey, I am pouring us a drink , what will you have - wine, whiskey or a Bloody Mary ? " Atul replied with a twinkle of the eye, unwilling to be hustled into a quickie.  "Only you raw and naked" she bellowed back, angry that he had turned down her invite to shower with her. 
As the dusk changed to night, the yellow streetlights blinked to life. Their soft glow filtered through the satin blinds into the living room washed by mellowed footlights.  Atul poured two glasses of sparkling red wine and waited. The hush of the gushing sprinkler from the washroom, the fall of the shower spray on her bare body, made the numbers floating in through the open door even more enticing. Soon Saloni was humming, as she wiped into the excess shampoo dripping of her forehead and she caressed her thighs lovingly with the luxurious foam. "Better places to go then her eye" she thought . 
The evenings together was the most wonderful  time of the day. They would mostly listen to soft music in the early evening. At times it was Jim Reeves or Bob Dylan,  Joan Baez or Andre Rieu. Then there were old numbers of Geeta Dutt and Mukesh, the new ones of Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal  At other times it was Greek, French, Spanish, Celtic, Arabic or Afrikaner. Dalida to Charis Alexiou. You name it and they had it. 
Tonight Atul had put on A Toi. The soft voice of Joe Dassin whistled in the hush to add to the ambience.Though both knew no French they immensely enjoyed the rich warmth of the soft renditions. The setting was picture perfect for playtime. This was the time when they whispered sweet nothings to each other. They necked and wet kissed and devoured each other, every body part. Today they would try out the nine o'clock position. She was thrilled, Atul anxious. Would it work? He brushed the thought aside and moved towards the refrigerator to bring out the butter and some honey. He put on four slices of bread in the toaster and the thawed and marinated chicken legs into micro. Soon the toasts had browned and the chicken had roasted. 
As Atul laid the centre table adjoining the orange sofa cum bed, a silhouette moved passed the room unnoticed. It was Saloni, nearly wet and dripping, who usually draped herself in a large white Turkish towel, tiptoeing into the living room. She always exited the bath like that but not before dipping into her favorite perfumed oils or solids. The half dry feel brought him closer. He could have his choice. He could have her wet, or dry her out himself. She loved it both ways. Every bit. Every rub, every probe and especially when he dumped the towel aside and brushed his dry body warmth into her wetness. 
Atul was instinctively aware of her presence with the Le Labo  wafting in before her, but did not want to turn and spoil her surprise. She had quickly arrived not fully dry. Today she was wrapped  in a short satin checkered red  gamcha that her colleague Sayontoni had brought for her from Kolkata. It was so much better than the boorish Turkish towels, so soft and light and raw. She had even done a Salman and nearly oozed, but had hurried out. Both knew that with the AC on full blast Atul would do the rest. He was always worried that she should not catch a cold. Besides the soft sensuous towel rub was something that they both enjoyed immensely. Tonight she was especially excited because they would try out the nine o clock position. Atul had agreed hesitantly after quite some persuasion. .continued..

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