The meandering brook

Is love complete without lust

Young Adults

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Like everything else the nine o'clock position did not work. Saloni's initial excitement vaporized like a camphor ablaze. She quickly descended from an ecstatic high, to a retreating whorl, responding like an emptying void. It happened when she least wanted it. Much as she loved him she found she    was unable to mouth him. She just could not do it. It was an idea that bombed last night. Though it was her brainwave, it just did not work. Atul had his apprehensions and did not ever hide them. He had tried to dissuade her in his own subtle way.  At first he tried to talk her out of the idea. Like every other night he tried to convince her that the act itself was not important. The time spent together was invaluable .... and that was all.           

For hours Atul  kept lip locking while he romped and kneaded her breasts. He teased and suckled them like a hungry baby. As the bulbs bloated with goose pimples he tenderly fondled them. He caressed them to whip up animal passion. He  buried his head in Saloni's  playful locks of hair running into the valleys of those vivacious twin peaks. They played sweet and rough with each other, rubbed and groped and he enjoyed Saloni's aggression and love bites. He simply loved her furious foreplay even though her sharp turquoise  blue talons often dug deep and left more than a bruise behind his neck and shoulders.

The excitement rose. They tore into and mauled each other while mounting and rode the wide expanse of the neatly laid out double bed end to end. Rolling and tumbling in unison like sperm whales churning up the depth of the calm seas they enjoyed the turbulence and warmth wetness of unison. Atul pulled out twice, apprehending the possibility of yet another anticlimax. He was happy that Saloni was peaking slowly and now gyrating like a elephant in musth. Still Saloni insisted on changing positions and kept at it repeatedly. Shipra had given her the idea and Mrunal said that it worked with her as well even now, six years after marriage. It was the ultimate opined Shipra, who had always been heavily influenced by porno, something that neither Saloni nor Mrunal much cared for. Saloni asked for Mrunal's advice just to doubly check and was happy to find that it worked for her as well as an occasional treat.

 Saloni always talked about her nightlife with her married friends who were only too ready to help. They all pitched in with their ideas and experiences that Saloni tried out each night. Atul went through the motions hesitatingly, Saloni hungrily. Both were subtly conscious of the past failures to climax. Atul wanted to delay the inevitable with increased foreplay. Saloni wanted to rush into it like a steaming cauldron. Somehow as the real act began she would suddenly switch off. After that she just could not respond to all the wooing and coaxing. It was more of a frustration at her own inability to respond, when she wanted it most. It was a question that was haunting her every night. Is love complete without lust? Even as Atul reassured her that it indeed was, Saloni remained inconsolable. The night fizzled out she weeping softly in his arms as they snuggled together while a greek album played in the background

......leaving all visions incomplete, passions never satisfied,

Like the conqueror who never lived to rule the land he vied,

Or the bubbly brook meandering through the cajoling meadows,

never stopping by as the buttercups droop to kiss and fawn  


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