Night wolves prowl

Is Love Complete Without Lust ?

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The morning broke with the song of the young cuckoo couple nested in the giant silk cotton tree at the edge of the garden. Atul was the first to awaken. Unlike everyday today he stepped out of the bed and drew the blinds. He shut out the early streaks of the morning light that would soon break into the bedroom, to allow Saloni an extra hour of rest. Last night had been bad. Saloni had broken down completely. She lay with her head buried into his chest sobbing for hours. Atul tried to pacify her. Calm her down. She was inconsolable. She felt that their beautiful love affair was falling apart. Their fairy tale marriage was breaking down into pieces.....and it was all her fault.

 Atul tried to tell her that she was unnecessarily worrying. She was putting too much thought into her performance which was causing undue stress. Her inability to come was surely no physical shortcoming . She had a few vibrant relationships before they had found each other. If she did not have any problems then, why was it that she was failing now. Atul tried to persuade Saloni that it was perhaps some mental pressure on her that was making her try too hard. This was no exam, and she just needed to relax.

 He understood that being a woman was not so easy. For some reason they were always under pressure to prove themselves. It was so strange yet so real. Atul had seen it happen to his elder sister, his colleagues at work and his Reba bua. The more he thought he wondered why ? He told Saloni the sad tale of his aunt Reba who had literally turned into a mental wreck. " Why he asked why? " Saloni shook her head mumbling "I don't know"......then pulled out the iPad from under her pillow and wrote

 Night wolves prowl.

First they came amongst shadows long,

When Ma told me of spooky tales,of scary ghosts and flying witches,

Of the gory giant who gobbles girls,out in the night, in the wilderness

Strangely the giant never gobbled my twin brother

Who fought like a demon himself when caned by papa

As he returned home late each night,

And sometimes never at all.

 Night wolves follow me

Gates shut at ten, hostel or PG

I lead a happily normal life,

To be the pride of teachers and parents

My name etched for ever in the bronze plaques at school.

His never shut.

As he grew bold, brazen and really wild,

Smoking, drinking, bedding women twice his age,

His grades faltered as he failed some, passed some tests,

but still managed to scrape a job...and succeed


Night wolves chase me through my day

What if my son does not return from MIT

And my daughter forgets her morning pill,

Where to invest my provident fund,

How to stop my husband's trip to naughty Macau,

I fail, falter, the night wolves growl, surround and rip my apart, devour me.       


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