The hissing spout

Is love complete without lust?

Young Adults

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The Kettle was already humming when Saloni woke in the morning. Hearing the hum and the hiss of the spouted monster every morning stirred her up. She rubbed into the bolster holding it between her naked thighs and went dirty. The antique bronze kettle with the big curvy spout turned her on. She had used it a couple of times as a tool, though it would not penetrate more than an inch, before the curve played spoilsport. Nonetheless nobody could stop her imagining it to be hissing  straight into her. Even if she could not consummate, Saloni had not lost any of her sexual urges and fantasies. Rather they had increased after marriage over the last two years, She imagined and enjoyed virtual sexual encounters not only with Atul but with a host of other men.  She called it the Bill Clinton effect. The American President during the Monica Lewinsky affair investigation had admitted that he had looked at many women with lustful eyes. So why could women not enjoy lust? 
It was an admission that Clinton had made for the mankind, thought Saloni. Every man did it, only Clinton had the guts to admit it. A lot of woman enjoyed such lustful voyers secretly, though many detested it. Among her friends Shipra enjoyed it the most and both shared tips to heighten the experience. Saloni's big bobbing breasts had most men gazing wide eyed, and she enjoyed it immensely. She sported low necklines whenever she could, and chose her T Shirts with virulent designs and catchy slogans that men would love to read. She walked with a deliberate jaunt crossing her legs like models on the ramp and knew that the men walking past would be waiting for her breasts to stop bouncing to read the print. She knew by their gaze that most of them were thinking off going dirty with her and she picked her men in turn to mentally go dirty with. If men could think dirty of women, then why should women stop short. Both Shipra and she often shared their experiences about the men with whom they went dirty with, and chatted for hours sharing fantasies over the mobile. They had created a WhatsApp group for sharing fantasies in which there were three other women of a different age group, including Mrs Rita Gupta the Assistant head mistress of her school. 
There were so many virtual lovers in her life that she had lost count off them. They were classless, age less men, young and old who mated with her vigorously and usually led her into a fiery hand job, especially if Atul was not around. They mostly visited her when she was lying down, or in the shower, but sometimes even in the school and in her classroom. As a matter of fact often it was a new face though she did have her favorites who kept coming back. Just now it was the big blackened bronze kettle that was hissing into her like a vibrating snake on a rampage. 
Saloni jumped out off the bed loosely wrapping the gown around her naked torso. She knew Atul would be soon coming in with the morning tea but would refuse to enter the bed despite her naked pleas. He was a stickler for rules and Saloni wanted early morning sex ...... and now. She had become wet and moist at the thought of the hissing bronze monster and was already leaking into the bolster. She went into the dining room without tying the belt of her nightgown and climbed on the dining table, where she sat reading the morning newspaper, as Atul came out of the Kitchen with two cups in hand . continued

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