Lone wanderlust

Why traveling alone is a class apart.

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Yes, it’s fun to travel the world with your friends and family but how many have experienced the joy of traveling alone?  To open your horizons and experience something new, here are few reasons you should buy a single ticket to your dream destination.  

Deeper experiences– Seeing a city is not just limited to checking off all the tourist sites on your list, it is also about absorbing the city, the culture and becoming a part of a something new. Only when you completely let go of where you come from, can you, in all capacity, get engulfed into your new surroundings. This is difficult to achieve when you travel with someone who reminds you of home and the fact that your vacation is temporary and soon you will be returning to the place you came from.  

Explore like a true explorer – Sure, you want to hit those clubs, get drunk and party your night away, but what good is exploring a city from inside of four walls? As a lone traveller you’ve the opportunity to get lost in the city streets and find something you were not even looking for. You are surprised by the sheer intensity of what the city has to offer, and taking it all in alone.  When traveling with a companion, you ignore the nooks and corners, and focus on conversations with your mate. Just remember that these conversations can be had at home, but the view of the Riviera that you are missing cannot be recreated later.

Builds confidence – Have you ever waited for a friend in front of a restaurant, endlessly fiddling with the phone to look busy?    Traveling alone gives us the confidence of sitting alone at a restaurant and eating by ourselves, starting conversation with a stranger and opening up. Instead of looking like a ‘lonely loser’ we learn to carry ourselves like independent explorers. 

Get to know the locals- One of the most cathartic experiences is conveying your message to a person who does not speak your language. You can only learn so much about a country from books; to really understand it, you’ve to experience it. And the best way to experience a place is through its people. Make a new friend in the city and let him or her show you their ways. Locals always know the best places to eat, visit, party. Through the locals you’ll be able to explore the place like no travel book can make you. You also end up making a new friend who can send you postcards from their travels. How cool is that!

Become independent – Once you’ve backpacked through the Northeast alone, you will literally have nothing stopping you from gathering new experiences. You become a brand new person, completely at peace with yourself. In ways you mature and become a more efficient person. You start relying on yourself more and decrease the level of dependency on others. Nothing can stop you now!

Do what you want to - Your love for museums and elaborate libraries are usually trampled over by your club hopping friends. Or vice versa. The best part of traveling alone is that you’re the boss of everything! You get to decide just what you want to do, how to do it, how to travel and how much to spend. You’re not answerable to anyone and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to! Who cares! It’s all about you!

Reconnect with self -  In the fast paced chaotic life of today, one fails to unserstand their own needs and gets washed away in wordly affairs. Traveling alone brings you closer to yourself. It is a spiritual experience that makes you understand and know yourself better. You feel all these new experiences, which are not interrupted by the thoughts of others. So take a pen, a diary and a camera. Go hike and sit on the cliff, stare into oblivion and write how you feel in that very moment, or just do nothing. Let it just sink in. The tranquillity and peace you attain is unimaginable.

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