Will the perfect relationship last

Is love complete without lust?

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The ploy did not work. As always Atul was sauve, gentle but firm. He was able to both evoke and quench Saloni’s raunchy urges with calm and dignity. He could get himself out of such situations with poise and finish. Seeing her perched on the dining room table where she sat with her legs careless spread and pointedly inviting, he turned quietly towards the porch instead. He lowered the mugs of steaming tea on the cane table and moved back indoors towards his steamy wife. Saloni had watched him move outdoors and felt like screaming......come on man take me!  Yet when he came in to carry her in his arms she melted like a jelly. He lifted her gently and those spread-eagled legs closed as he moved his lips softly on the nape of her neck, 

She felt her eyes close and lost herself. Buried her head in his chest as soft moans of ecstasy escaped her lips. Carrying her in his arms Atul deftly tied the belt of her nightgown before parking her in the garden in the front of the Jasmine tree. This was their favorite patch in the garden because every bush, plant and tree in this part of the garden was planted by them and not by the previous tenants of the house. There was a near perfect golden chrysanthemum that bobbed its head between the rows of yellow buttercups today morning. It had been budding even yesterday, but now it was blooming in all its resplendent glory at its prime.

The sheer grace of the flower and the firm and loving clasp of Atul, who put her down softly on the garden chair and still held her close, mellowed Saloni's  mood. The raunchy urge gave way to his tender caress and the nature's sensuous appeal did the rest. Both Saloni and Atul were passionate green fingers. It was a large and unwieldy garden when they had entered the bungalow two years ago. Those who had lived before them had probably been a little indifferent. Two years of careful nurturing had transformed both the front as well as the kitchen garden behind, the bungalow. The garden was an avid diversion for both of them,  that took the mind away from carnal pleasures. It cooled Saloni down quickly and she enjoyed the ambience as the soft morning breeze wafted down from the north.

  It was much later that she realized how Atul had once again lured her back into the world of emotion and tender love from the world of passion that she frequented. How he had charmed her back to an engaging and endearing conversation and quenched those erotic pangs of desire without losing sweat. She just could never mold the course of events when Atul was around. He loved her so much and there was such honesty and conviction in his moves, that much as Saloni wanted to have her way, she played to his tune. He was the amorous pied piper in her life and she would follow him wherever he led her because she knew that he would never let her down.

It was a life of eternal friendship and fairy tale love that had chosen her ever since their courtship began and she enjoyed every bit of it even after two years of marriage. It was not too syrupy, nor too aloof but with the right mix of affection and care that never let her feel neglected. Saloni had several relationships before her marriage but neither she nor any of her friends ever had a man who gave their relationship happiness and completeness like Atul. At times Saloni wondered whether she was living in a dream. At times she worried if it would last a lifetime - or her raunchy sexual urges and inability to consummate would throw it all away. continued..

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