Grace, Dare or Chic ?

Is love complete without lust ?

Young Adults


The wild sexual urge that seemingly faded away thanks to the caress of Atul's tender love returned just before noon. At  that time Saloni was in school. As she moved towards the inter college section she could feel the eyes following her. It was not just any eyes. Such was her glamour and oomph that Saloni was used to being ogled at. She loved the attention and the wide eyed stares that the boys especially in the higher classes gave her. All males who drooled at her drop dead beauty were welcome, including the male teachers who also stared, but out of the corner of their eyes. Even when she wore a sari, men's eyes hungrily picked up her exposed navel and the crevice beyond, or her rumbustious top rollicking under the pressure of those gorgeous twin peaks. Men loved to gaze at the hint of the foothills to her mountainous ranges.

Some were discreet, but took their turns to gape when she was looking away. Others unashamedly looked at the beginning of the valley between the cliffs that rose quickly to a formidable mountain range of bouncy breasts. Saloni deliberately wore tops and blouses that encouraged a little voyeurism, though she had to keep it in limits to avoid getting ticked off by the Principal. Her bouncy breasts had code named her as Miss BB among the students. The official version was because she was glamorous like a model for BB creams, but the boys of class 12 who had named her thus had only immortalized her bubbly breasts. Slowly all students, both the boys and the girls started calling her Miss BB amongst themselves and even some of the teachers knew it.

Today Saloni wore a black stretch crepe 'Ava' skirt that sat high on the waist and fell into an elegantly draped asymmetric hem. The tights had discreet side slits that permitted the stretch fabric to flow smoothly over her voluptuous curves. It  blurred the edge of a shorter skirt as it moved smartly from the midi look at the front to a long tailed back. She wore the thick felt laced light grey panties beneath that would just trace the contours of her magical inners as the crepe skirt snuggled close to her bottom. A tinge of different shades, different elevations would keep the voyeurs engaged. A magenta off shoulder stretch crepe top above a 40 size stretch crepe and laced  dark chocolate underwired plunge bra that hugged her wild breasts fiercely added to the eclectic effect and ensured all eyes would rest on her during the day.

Saloni, Achla and Janet usually competed for the best dressed lady teacher at school each day, a private race which Saloni usually won hands down on certain days because of her style quotient.

Achla was a conventional beauty who usually wore exquisitely designed saris and pulled weight with her fans by sheer grace and elegance while Saloni took the crown with her oomph and dare. Janet the youngest of the three pulled the rug from under the two prime contestants occasionally  with innovative casuals and whistle stop style mixes and chic street accessories.

Today was her day and Saloni felt it from the looks of the boys right since the morning. All along she could feel herself being devoured soon as she entered each class. She loved every bit of the attention and somehow whenever that happened her lectures at the classroom improved. The playful erotics of Wordsworth's  'The Haunted Tree' taught with passion can be a real treat, and somehow the raw looks that she had received since morning raised her sexual urge to procreate and give more to all those who looked at her hungrily. She read ......

 "That eastern Sultan, amid flowers enwrought

On silken tissue, might diffuse his limbs

In languor; or, by Nature, for repose

Of panting Wood-nymph, wearied with the chase.

O Lady! fairer in thy Poet's sight

Than fairest spiritual creature of the groves,

Approach;—and, thus invited, crown with rest".......


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