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The months from November-January mark helluva celebrations, glitz and glamour as our very desi denizens dress to impress their dates at the  ballrooms, wedding functions, be it the sangeet, reception or cocktail parties. While the demure ethnic wear is usually reserved for the D-day, women like to spice up their looks by doning western attires for other ceremonies. And for this very reason, evening gowns have become a must have for the wardrobe to look picture perfect. We acquaint you with the kinds of evening gowns you could possibly grab and become the next style diva at the weddings.

1. Reveal - Off shoulder increases the oomph

Off shoulder satin gowns are the perfect darts to hit the cupid with. Wear them casually in deep and eccentric hues and be the head turner. Cocktails are meant for the ladies to put their best foot forward and wearing body hugging gown tied to one shoulder brings the best out of your figure. What are you waiting for?

2. Flatter your figure with corsets

Traditionally created to hug and train the torso, Corsets are brought back into fashion by the new age designers who have experimented with the look. It comes with new look and form  to give it a refreshing and glamorous touch. These essentially show off your curves and outline  the silhouette and help your glamour quotient by pushing up and accentuating your bust. Wear a corset gown and be the show stopper of the cocktail party!

3.  Strapless yet elegant

Bare those lovely and delicate shoulders by wearing a strapless gown which flows smoothly and hugs your curves. This look is bound to woo the guests at the party who will be awe-struck by your feminine and chic attire. Pair it up ravishing jewellery or maybe a nice pendant, dark lipstick and smoky eyes. Don’t forget to wear a pleasing smile.

4.  Military Ball dress

This one makes you feel like a Disney princess with its floor length and ball gown shape. Simple yet  sultry, the overwhelming circumference of the gown, would look perfect on women with slender bodies. The pleated details and sweetheart neckline will give it a distinguished style. Brownie points to those who carry it elegantly while holding their beau’s arm with affection.

5. Do it the backless way

What else do you need to drop some jaws when you can do it the dramatic way by baring your back! This dress with full sleeves works on one formula! Go sleek on front and sexy on your rear. Black and other darker shades will give you the sexy as well Morticia look and there you go, walking like a spell setting the floor on fire.

6. Slit and show off

The moment you think of slit gowns, you will have none other than Angelina Jolie who flashes on your mind immediately.  You can pull of the look with grace too buy getting a thigh length or knee length slit gown. This classy gown will make you look like a sultry tigress which is ready to prance upon the hearts of young souls. If increasing the hotness quotient is your motto then slit gowns are a must have for your wardrobe!

7. Shimmer your way

Sequined or beaded gowns bring back the much needed shimmer during the wedding season. Afterall, who doesn’t want to dazzle amidst the crowd. Just remember that too much bling might make you look like a chandelier so keep the accessories minimal and stay edgy by getting a curve hugging full length gown. Reflect the light as you walk and shine on!

8.  Break the monotony

Who says your evening gown should be a one piece from head to toe ? Be a rebel and break the monotony by carrying a top and a flowy skirt. The two piece ensemble will be a vision to behold as you walk amidst the crowd giving away a little sneak peak of your waist. Experiment with the full ball gown  style skirt in vibrant hues and pair it up with a subtle top and some accessories. Your frame will be accentuated to look like a fairy.

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