Small Green Resolutions for 2016

Save Energy, Save Health, Save Time

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This year do not make a big new year resolution that you cannot keep. Instead try out few small resolutions that turn the world a little better or do something good for your own self, your friends and families. Keep a scrapbook or diary  of your resolutions and tick mark the days when you are able to implement them. If you are a mobile scribbler make a calendar with fancy alarms that tell you your successes and failures each day. Here are three Small Green Resolutions for 2016 that save energy, and help you manage your health and your time better.

Use The Metro Shun The Car

1)   Use the Metro or bus a little more and shun the car and two wheeler that you possess for at least two or here days a week. Tell your friends and family members to do the same. Even if used in conjunction with an auto ride a metro works out a cheaper, faster and greener option.    If possible use the cycle to work or to school if your workplace or school is close to your home. Even if you save 1 liter petrol each day you are saving Rs 20,000 annually.Besides you are creating less carbon and cryogenic gasses that make it difficult for you and others to breath.

Walk Two Miles Each Day

2)   Walk to the Metro or the bus stand even if it is a twenty minute stroll. Try to plan out your day in advance so that you are. not rushing to work, but have enough time in hand. This will ensure that you are able to walk at least twenty minutes or half an hour every day in the morning and evening while going and coming back from work.If you do not have time for morning walk, then see that you weave in the walk anytime during the day while going to the workplace or back . Most of us, city dwellers feel that time is too short especially during the morning hours. We need to try manage our time better. This happens only because we try to do more and more unproductive work instead of doing only what is needed for our happiness. That type of work engages us physically and mentally into doing things that should never have been be a priority. As a result of such diversions in our lives and options for motorized transport, instant recreation, we are slowly giving up healthy practices that actually help us survive, be healthy and organized.

Shun The WhatsApp, Use the SMS

3) Some of you may feel that the most valuable asset we have is time, which is always short in supply. We often spend a lot of money to save on time at times by taking a faster transport to work or by using planes not trains when traveling outstation. The reason why humans spend on saving time is because it is the most critical resource at our disposal. Your time is your personal asset. It is available to every human equally. Depending on how you use it you shape your life.

Everything that is free is not good and there is no better example than the WhatsApp. Free Instant messengers that have mindlessly engaged you into social chat and sharing are taking away your most important asset - your time. It is high time you get hold of yourself and take a close look at your personal time management. How many hours of your productive time space has instant messaging taken, sharing photos and jokes and smart Alec quips taken away? We're they needed and apart from taking away your valuable time, have they created an unnecessary digital junk that will not go away easily? Think during the year end and return better during the new year with a resolve to spend your time and money in better ways than ever before.

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