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The set up costs were low. The 10X10 tents cost just Rs 7,000 for a two day event. The products displayed by the young entrepreneurs were varied and fairly exotic from designer foot wear to hand made paper products. The crowds were there, mostly young and the upwardly mobile who had come to watch and listen to the three day Coalition event from 4 th to 6 th March featuring popular speakers like Kunal Rao, Rohan Joshi, Abish Mathew, Anurag Kasyap, Richa Chadda and many others. There was food and snacks, there were films at the end of the day to keep people hooked and there was trivia shopping that Delhi swears by.

Interestingly there were a multitude of young women shoppers and loads of women entrepreneurs that we wanted on our webpages for the Women's  Day Event. Here are a few of them

Navedita Singh of Exotic Dirt Bag

She grossed the maximum eye balls as her products were fun and artistic and her stall was located strategically at the entry. This artist, illustrator, graphic artist and blue sky thinker told us  "I am just here to express and not to make money. " As a matter of fact she confided that the crowd was just buying the Rs 10 hand made postcards and few sketch books not the framed art pieces that were reasonably priced all below Rs 1000/-

Mridu Mehra and Shruti Bharadwaj

These two post graduates of NIFT Mumbai and Pearl Institute, Mridu and Shruti started their garment business in hand woven textiles and Khadi with exquisite hand embroidery less than two years ago. They create a range of designer wear and accessories unique for each exhibition they attend.  This collection that was displayed at the Coalition was one inspired by the Banjara community of Gujarat the Lombadis. We make all these items in-house in Gurgaon and sell through stores in Goa, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi.

Shivani and Kesha Vasant

 Shivani  an accessory designer from NIFT Chennai and Kesha who graduated in marketing got together less than a year ago to crowd source an accessory and lifestyle brand that was eco friendly. They use cork instead of leather to manufacture samples of their range of accessories and created the brand 'I am nature' and displayed them on their website. They then crowd funded the venture for pre-ordering and began delivering to clients across the world.


We also met several others like Sunaina Harjai of Hats Off Acesdories based in Noida,  Juhi Malhotra a designer based in Safdarjang Enclave, Madhur Khandelwal of Thefunnyboneindia, Priti Pugalia of Craftboat Madhuvanthi Mohan of Somethingssketchy, and Tarini Sethi an artist and illustrator.


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