Deciphering the Social Media Jelly Bean

The 5 hues of social media

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Hootsuite the social media automation platform that helps you consolidate your opinion burst into multiple social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others has recently attempted to decipher the social media jellybean. Whereas there are some gems in the insights there is some opacity and confusion too, which is natural as the jelly churns. Whereas Hootsuite says there are eight definitive types of SM we feel that the number is five, as under. 

Relationship Networks :

These are the oldest and the most prevalent form of social networking. Facebook and LinkedIn are two of the earliest relationship sites where you create your personal profile and interact with the world at large, through message boards and postings. Whereas Facebook is a personal relationship site, LinkedIn is a professional site. The difference between the two is that FB is used for building social, family and romantic relationships while LinkedIn is used for building workplace relationships. Twitter which is used like a hybrid messaging board is another relationship site that is both professional and personal at the same time. All of these have excellent photo and video sharing facilities, which are possibly underutilized.

Image and video networks :

These are specialist only image sites and there are hundreds of them including the most popular Flickr and Instagram that store thousands of high resolution and low resolution images collected and shared by users across the world. Similarly You Tube, Vimeo, Vine and Snapchat are the more known video sharing sites. Like in case of relationship sites the content is virtually free acquisition for the platforms which have millions of users.  All they have to do is to create the giant servers with software backup providing the right infrastructure and environment for people to upload their visual content on the sites.

Online reviews and discussion platforms :

These are specialist sites with interest based users who converge to the platform because they are interested in a particular issue or discussing and debating on certain common areas of interest. Amongst some of the popular sites are Digital Point Forum, Warrior Forum,   Diggy and Quora. Whereas these discussion forums answer queries for Internet or e commerce related questions their are specialized discussion forms for art, science, literature, petroleum engineering and construction.

Media networks :

Social media interaction sites of media networks are some of the most happening. The powerful media houses have blended their products of content and news leveraging them through marketing tools on social media platform. So deep is the integration today that it is no longer certain who is benefiting the most because of the constant evolving nature of media and social media. The Woman's Era Website and Facebook site is one such example with millions of page views and where traffic flows two way from social media to website and website to social media.

Bookmarking sites :

These are sites where you can copy and paste what you like and from wherever you want and product advertisers use it to great effect. Among the popular websites are Pinterest, Stumble Upon and Flipboard. These are basically information sharing sites among friends where if you like a shoe or a dress you can pin the piece and display to your friends. However the SM is a pot on the boil and more churning is bringing out newer flavors each day. 

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