This is How You Can Improve Your Sex Life

Young Adults

It is a proven fact that human mind is naturally attracted towards the opposite sex irrespective of how old it is. As a person steps into adulthood, those attractions finally start taking shape and they often admit of being anxious about their potential in bed. However, with high stress levels involved at workplace these days, people often lose out on their teenage fantasies and generally find it difficult to sustain a healthy sex life as they age.


However, you need not lose your heart if the above mentioned issues correspond with your life. Here are some ways through which you can improve your sex drive-

  1. Get in Shape

Needless to say, one needs to be in good physical shape to prolong your lovemaking. People who do regular cardio exercises are said to have greater endurance in bed than paunchy ‘gentlemen’.  Experts say that 30-45 minute workout four days a week can help you reach your climax in bed without huffing and puffing.


2. Boost Your Communication

It is a must that you do not jump into bed with your mind imbued in ambivalent emotions. Try to enhance the communication with your partner and be free to discuss the topics of sex with him/her. Try to contemplate the gestures and directions of your partner while involved in intercourse and don’t push your will on him/her.

3.Engage in Foreplay

Attraction is a silly thing and often incites impulsiveness. If a person feels aroused for his/her partner, it becomes difficult to maintain sanity and withhold flooding emotions. Rushing for actual intercourse without indulging in foreplay may hamper your emotional bond with your partner. Foreplay is important as it increases the intimacy between partners and increases their understanding. So make sure that you give as much attention to foreplay as to the actual intercourse.

4. Say no to Porn

Remember Don Jon? No matter how much you love porn (listen up guys!!), you need to give it up once you are in a serious physical relationship with someone. Porn, unlike how many perceive it, is unnatural and often pornstars are cited confessing the same. Health experts and psychologists say that people who watch porn on regular basis have difficulty in connecting emotionally with their partners. So it’s advisable to leave porn when you are set for the real action.

4. 5.Life after sex

There is a misconception that your sex life is only confined to your bed. Yes, intercourse is done in the bed (if you do not have any kinky ideas) but intimacy is, and it should be, developed outside the bed. Hugging, kissing and cuddling can help boost your intimacy levels with your partner.

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