Different ways to cook Rice!


  1. Boiled rice



Boiled Riceis the simplest to cook and go with almost everything…try it with rajma, curry, cholle or any gravy you like…if you have not tried. Try boiled rice with sugar…I swear you are going to curse yourself for not trying it in your whole life and missing this Indian sweet dish when you had nothing to eat.


2.   Chicken Biryani


Favourite dish for the ones who can die for rice and chicken…this dish is a perfect blend of chicken adding taste and richness to the rice grains with extra spice and flavours…this dish is an awesome outcome for a hungry stomach striving for spices and chicken!



3. Fried Rice


 A good combination of vegetables and Chinese essence mixing into rice to bring water in our mouth.


4. Jeera Rice

Now this is what I have when a good dinner is hosted at my place with my guests coming to jump at Rajma or Cholle made by my mom… it is surely the story of many of us!!…but really adding cumin seeds to rice really changes its tastes!

5. Lemon Rice



Wow…yummy…water coming to your mouth yet? .Or may be it would be even better if you just take a bite of this extremely delicious recipe serving your temptation! 



6. Tomato Rice


Now this is something at least I can never resist on. Oh god…it’s so rich in taste and just look at it... beautiful and tempting colour no?

I know your mouth is already watering. But then it’s of no use if you don’t taste them.


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