How Paneer rules vegetarian stomachs!


Paneer is the “King of the table” when it comes to VEGETARIANS.

Paneer can be used in many ways, either individually or by combining with other vegetables and giving all together a different taste to the curry or dish.

Be it stuffed in chapati or chopped in a curry, paneer never leaves its taste.

So here are the different types of Paneer which prove why it rules the Vegetarian stomachs!


1. Paneer Parantha

It is the breakfast treat for many homes in India, especially when it comes to Punjabis!

If not anything we like to stuff vegetables in chapatti and eat them with butter, curd or pickles and if it is Paneer, then who will leave it?



2. Shahi Paneer

Favourite of all, this dish is a creamy blend of spices and paneer and obviously the name itself suggests the richness of taste and fragrance of this dish.

This is the most favourite dish available in parties.


3. Kadhai Paneer

This is richest in spices with a good combination of vegetables. It is the best to decorate your dining table and bring water in mouths with its spicy taste.


4. Paneer Pakoda

Now this is what you want when you take a sip of hot coffee or tea with an empty stomach waiting to eat something chatpata!

Pakodas are what you need, that to Paneeer!!

Yummy no?

5. Paneer Roll

This is what happens when Indian combines with western style of cooking and gets a tasty result!

It is nothing but chopped slices of paneer, wrapped with other vegetables and sauces in the chapatti and served hot.


6. Paneer Pulav

You might have had every kind of rice, but if you haven’t tried rice and paneer combination of pulav.

You have failed to taste the REAL taste.


7. Palak Paneer

This is a very basic and easily available dish in Indian households, but have you realised it ever,….that is so amazing how paneer adds on so much taste and richness to the healthy yet boring green leaf spinach?




8. Matar Paneer

Frankly, if you ask me. I hate peas!!

But if it is to have with paneer, i will not give any second thought and just eat up a whole bowl.


9. Paneer Kofta


When my Mom first made it, I just tasted it because it happened to look like Manchurian. But believe me, it tasted well because it had “Paneer” in it.



10. Chilly Paneer



Paneer is everywhere around you can look and Paneer made Chilly paneer with fried rice is a feeling we cannot ask for more.






So here we saw how paneer modifies into different recipes and fills the empty stomachs of vegetarians wanting to eat some mouth-watering food!

So don’t just read them, I know you are craving for atleast one of them.

Go and try if you haven’t.

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