Carrot Kanji: A north indian winter drink!!


North Indian taste has always been a weak poi of every foodie and the variety of dishes varies with different seasons. Here we present a special one which is a famous beverage of North India in winters.

Kanji, a fermented drink made traditionally by Punjabis with black carrots in winter. It is a probiotic drink with several health benefits in this season. Let’s have a look at its recepie first:

All you need to prepare kanji are black carrots, mustard poeder, black salt, red chilli powder and water. If you don’t have black carrots, you can use the red ones along with beet root for a purplish colour.

Chopped carrots are mixed with all other ingredients and kept in a closed jar in sun for 2-4 days depending upon the heat of the sun. Stir every day. After complete fermentation, when the mixture gets sour in taste, the drink can be served.

Kaanji as a beverage is very beneficial in winters, here’s how:

*It acts as a great appetiser.

*Kanji is a probiotic drink which helps balance gut function.

*It also improves digestive system.

*It lets you remain energetic if taken early in the morning.

*Helps treat diarrhoea, even chronic

*Cures constipation.

*Prevents dehyderation


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