Mercedes-Benz set to regain global top position from BMW

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Mercedes-Benz is expected to achieve its aim soon by turning into the biggest premium carmaker four years early even.  It’s indeed a great accomplishment, simply after it quit pursuing piece of the pie and concentrated on making beautiful cutting edge autos cherished by shoppers. Presenting a rich, lively outline and building up itself as a pioneer in new innovations like independent driving has restored the Mercedes mark which investigators say will keep the Stuttgart-based carmaker in front of the race. 
The achievement is a coup for Daimler Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche, who struggled to revive the company taking after a muddled separation from mass market brand Chrysler in 2007. Four years ago, Zetsche confronted fretful shareholders, stressed that the automaker was lingering behind adversaries BMW and Volkswagen AG's Audi brand. "We had a few deficiencies, cost and quality issues. Configuration was not first class. What's more, with Chrysler we were no longer an immaculate premium carmaker," Zetsche told the media in a meeting held late in 2016 in his office at Daimler's central command in Stuttgart, Germany.

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